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Tales From The Darkside: The Movie is a cult anthology horror from 1990, and here’s a breakdown of the film’s main cast and characters.

Here is a guide for Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies cast and characters. George A Romero and Stephen King have collaborated on several occasions, the most notable being the 1982 anthology horror show. It was a cheerful, over-the-top homage to the EC horror comics the pair grew up loving, and told five stories of terror featuring all manner of monsters and ironic complicity. Tales from the dark side was a television series that came as a result of Creepshow’s success, although Warner Bros owned some elements of this film, Tales from the dark side became a separate entity.


Tales from the dark side had scary episodes and ran for four seasons while adapting works by King, Clive Barker and psychology author Robert Bloch. A film adaptation arrived in 1990, with Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie being a modest success. It has since become a cult favorite and features three stories and a wrap. The latter sees a boy named Timmy reading the tales to a witch who plans to eat him. The first tale “Lot 249” adapts a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle which sees a twisted student use a mummy for brutal revenge, “Cat From Hell” finds a hitman hired to kill an “evil” cat while “Lovers Vow” finds an artist keeping a dark secret from his wife about the night they met.

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Romero and King fans consider Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie be the real one Spooky Show 3, although – like any anthology – some stories are better than others. Here is a guide for Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies cast and characters.

Tales of The Darkside Character Cast

James Remar and his Gargoyle Bride in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

“Wrap Around”

Debbie Harry as Betty

Singer Deborah Harry (Videodrome) plays the icy witch Betty in Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies wrap around. She plans to cook a young boy for an upcoming dinner party, but is distracted by the strange stories he reads to her.

Matthew Lawrence as Timmy

Poor Timmy is going to be Betty’s main course and reads the Tales from the dark side reserve to delay the inevitable. Although none of the tales have a happy ending, that of Matthew Lawrence (Planes, trains and automobiles) Timmy plans his story to have a better result.

“Lot 249”

Steve Buscemi as Bellingham

Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies “Lot 249” has the most impressive cast, led by a young Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire). After being cheated out of a scholarship by rivals, Buscemi’s Bellingham summons a mummy to set things right.

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Christian Slater as Andy

Christian Slater (Mister Robot) plays Andy, Susan’s brother who becomes aware of Bellingham’s evil plan. His attempts to thwart the latter’s plan fail in the twist’s ending.

Julianne Moore as Susan

Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies the cast and characters of “Lot 249” are rounded out by Julianne Moore as Susan. The Hannibal The actress plays Andy’s sister, who evokes Bellingham’s wrath and meets a gruesome death.

“Cat from Hell”

William Hickey as Drogan

The famous actor William Hickey (The Nightmare Before Christmas) plays Drogan in Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies “Cat from hell.” Drogan is the wealthy owner of a pharmaceutical company who has killed thousands of cats for medical research, and he believes the black cat stalking his mansion is out for revenge.

David Johansen as Halston

Singer/actor David Johansen (Richard Donner’s Scrooged) plays hitman Halston in “Cat From Hell”, who doesn’t believe Drogan’s supernatural cat story but accepts the job. Halston picks up the cat very hard to kill and the truth hard to swallow – literally.

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“Lover’s Wish”

James Remar as Preston

Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies The cast and character guide is supplemented by “Lover’s Vow”, which is considered the best tale. James Remar (Dexter) plays Preston, an artist who witnesses the murder of a friend by a gargoyle; in exchange for a lifelong silence, the creature does not kill him. A decade later, Preston is happily married, but he wants to tell his wife the truth.

Rae Dawn Chong as Carola

Commandos Rae Dawn Chong plays Tales from the Dark Side: The Movies Carola, Preston’s wife. The two met the night of the murder, and Preston’s breaking of his vow has unintended consequences for their marriage in a heartbreaking ending.

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