The cast and crew of the canceled BATGIRL film watch the film

Warner Bros. recently presented two DC Comics films at San Diego Comic-Con: black adam and Shazam! Fury of the gods. Both of those movies are coming to theaters this year, so that was good. But another movie that was supposed to be on this year’s schedule wasn’t at Comic-Con: bat girl. The film starring Leslie Grace was to be shown exclusively on HBO Max. However, The Hollywood Reporter shared that Warner Bros. will no longer publish bat girl. We first spotted this news at The envelope. Warner Bros. has since confirmed that he will indeed not be releasing the bat girl film in any capacity.

The company has made the following statement regarding bat girlcancellation.

The decision not to release bat girl reflects the strategic shift in our leadership with respect to the DC Universe and HBO Max. Leslie Grace is an incredibly talented actress and this decision does not reflect on her performance. We are extremely grateful to the filmmakers of bat girl and Scoob! Holiday destination and their respective casts and we hope to collaborate with everyone again in the near future.

Warner Bros.

In the wake of the cancellation, Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah also released an official statement expressing their sadness at the turn of events, but their love for the film and the cast. Adil El Arbi even gave us a glimpse of Michael Keaton as Batman on his Instagram Stories.

Batgirl Stars Michael Keaton as Batman from Canceled Movie
Adil El Arbi

Other cast and crew also revealed their sadness over the canceled film. Leslie Grace has shared a moving message with her colleagues and her fans. Meanwhile, others, like Jules Wallace, a martial artist and stuntman who worked on bat girl, offered snippets of what might have been. More recently, we got our first look at the DC supervillain Killer Moth, who would have appeared in the film.

The news of bat girlThe cancellation of is surprising for several reasons. Especially because bat girl already wrapped filming and was in post-production. This means that most of the money has already been spent. It seems odd that they’re not finishing the $90 million movie and releasing it on HBO Max. This budget is already lower than many DC Comics movies, so spending a bit more doesn’t seem unreasonable. Especially considering how much the company spent on reshoots for a cut of another movie last year.

bat girl featured Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. The film also featured JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Michael Keaton as the aforementioned Batman, and Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly. Additionally, Ivory Aquino played Alysia Yeoh, Batgirl’s best friend.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl
Leslie Grace

According The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. suspends Batgirl due to a leadership change. The CEO of New Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav is reportedly prioritizing theatrical films over direct-to-streaming projects. And this movement does not only affect bat girl. Warner Bros. also puts aside Scoob! : The holiday hauntan animated feature film.

Originally published August 2.

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