The Christmas Special Movie Show: Unbroken, Exodus: Gods and Kings and Annie



It’s an exceptional movie show today with three big screen releases. The Independent’s Paul Whitington and The Herald’s George Byrne are in the studio with Angelina Jolie’s Truth About Unbroken, Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, and the musical Annie remake.

with Exodus: Gods and Kings it is clear that this might not be quite the success you might expect from Scott, with George calling it “perfectly usable” and Paul adding that it is “not that great. “.

“No matter what Ridley Scott and Christian Bale did with it, they will always be in the shadow of Cecil B DeMille and Charlton Heston and what they did with The Ten Commandments,” says George.

He adds: “Everything is fine, the only problem is I don’t know why it’s in 3D. It’s incredibly dark to begin with. Even the footage that is supposed to be daytime is very gray and dingy and I had to take the glasses off a few times.

“I don’t see any artistic reason for this, because there are no arrows shooting at you. A tank comes towards you at one point, but isn’t it always? I think the only reason it’s shot in 3D is to reduce piracy, to reduce bootlegging. It’s very effective in this regard, but you can’t see the screen half the time. I was very annoyed by that side.

Paul adds: “I think the effects, especially at the beginning, were very well rendered. [Scott] should be an expert because he was the one who started doing it with Gladiator. But I thought the creation of ancient Egypt was really well done.

“The issues with the movie are really that it’s in a way, and George pointed out, he’s trying to rationally explain what might be a legend in the Bible that annoyed some of God’s team. in Central America He sticks fairly faithfully to the story of Moses until it reaches the separation of the Red Sea, then the 40 years in the wilderness ends in about five minutes.

“It’s very well constructed and then this kind of guerrilla movement is the way the Hebrew uprising is done, but after that it’s just bang, bang, bang chronologically through the Seven Plagues. In the middle you have Christian Bale, but even his character, you really don’t understand what he’s talking about. It’s flat in the middle.

Watch the video above to learn about Unbroken and Annie.

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