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the goldfinch The cast consists of leading actors and actresses – young and old alike – who have tried to bring a beloved novel to life on the big screen. John Crowley directed the big screen adaptation of Donna Tartt’s 2013 novel of the same name, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

the goldfinch recounts the life experiences of Theodore “Theo” Decker, from his childhood to that of a young adult. As a teenager, her mother died in a tragedy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Meanwhile, young Theo takes care of his capricious, alcoholic father. the goldfinchTheo’s side storyline details Theo’s adulthood as an art forger and how the past affects his worldview and relationships with others. the goldfinch was adapted by screenwriter Peter Straughan, who previously received an Oscar nomination for the adaptation of John le Carré Tinker Tailor Spy Soldier.


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the goldfinch premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and received mostly negative reviews. Given the popularity and prestige of the novel, the film still tells a story worth telling – and the casting of Goldfinch helped bring that story to theaters.

Ansel Elgort and Oakes Fegley as Theodore “Theo” Decker

In the goldfinch, Ansel Elgort and Oakes Fegley represent the older and younger versions of Theo Decker, respectively. Elgort has already delivered acclaimed performances in Blame it on our stars, the Divergent Edgar Wright movie and film franchise 2017 Baby Driver. He is the son of former Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort and opera director Grethe Barrett Holby. Elgort to play Tony in Steven Spielberg’s movie West Side Story 2020. Fegley is best known for playing the role of Pete in the 2016 Disney fantasy adventure film. Pete’s dragon.

Nicole Kidman as Samantha Barbour

Nicole Kidman in Le Chardonneret

In the goldfinch, Nicole Kidman plays a socialite, Samantha Barbour, who welcomes Theo into her family. Samantha has three children named Kitsey, Andy and Platt. Kidman recently starred in and produced HBO shows Big little lies. She appeared in American cinema playing with Tom Cruise in the 1990 drama Days of thunder. They starred together in the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film Eyes wide closed. During the 21st century, Kidman delivered Oscar nominated performances in Red Mill!, Rabbit hole, and Lion. She won the Oscar for Best Actress for Hours. In 2018, Kidman portrayed Queen Atlanna in the DCEU blockbuster Aquaman.

Finn Wolfhard and Aneurin Barnard as Boris Pavlikovsky

Finn Wolfhard Aneurin Barnard The Goldfinch

Finn Wolfhard and Aneurin Barnard respectively portray the younger and older versions of Theo’s close friend Boris in the goldfinch. Wolfhard is best known for playing the role of Mike Wheeler on Netflix Strange things, and for playing Richie Tozier in IT Chapter One and IT Chapter Two. He will co-star in Jason Reitman’s upcoming film Ghost Hunters 2020. As for Barnard, moviegoers may recognize him as Christopher Nolan’s French soldier Gibson. Dunkirk. Over the past 10 years, Barnard has established himself as a versatile artist in film, television and on the stage.

Sarah Paulson as Xandra

Sarah Paulson plays Xandra – Theo’s dad Larry’s girlfriend in the goldfinch. On television, Paulson has delivered Emmy-nominated performances in several seasons of FX. american horror story. She also won the award for Best Leading Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture for portraying Marcia Clark in The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. On the big screen, Paulson recently starred in the movies The post office, 8 from the ocean, Bird box, and Glass. She has also had roles in acclaimed films such as 12 years of slavery, Carole, and Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Luke Wilson as Larry Decker

Luc Wilson

In the goldfinch, Luke Wilson plays Theo’s father, Larry. He is estranged from Theo’s mother, Audrey, and struggles with alcohol and gambling addictions. Wilson is best known for portraying easy-going and kind characters. To moviegoers, he is best known as Wes Anderson’s longtime collaborator and friend, appearing in films like Rocket in bottle, Rushmore, and The Royal Tenenbaums. Wilson also starred as the main cast of the 2003 comedy classic. Old school. He plays Albuquerque in the 2019 sequel Zombieland: double tap.

Jeffrey Wright as James “Hobie” Hobart

Jeffrey Wright in Le Chardonneret

Jeffrey Wright plays Theo’s mentor in the goldfinch, Hobie, and is also Pippa’s legal guardian. Prolific American actor, Wright currently plays Bernard Lowe on HBO Westworld, for which he received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. In 2004, Wright won a Golden Globe Award for his performance in the HBO miniseries Angels in America. In the James Bond franchise, he plays CIA agent Felix Leiter. Wright is part of the main cast of Steven Soderbergh’s 2019 film The laundery.

Ashleigh Cummings and Aimee Laurence as Pippa

Ashleigh Cummings Aimee Laurence The Goldfinch

Theo’s romantic obsession in the goldfinch, Pippa, is played by Australian actress Ashleigh Cummings and newcomer Aimee Laurence. Cummings as Vic McQueen in AMC NOS4A2, and previously starred in the successful independent feature film Love dogs. Laurence is best known for playing Summer Lane in Hulu’s The path with Aaron Paul.

Willa Fitzgerald as Kitsey Barbour

Willa Fitzgerald in Scream MTV

In the goldfinch, Willa Fitzgerald plays Theo’s fiancé, Kitsey, daughter of Samantha Barbour. From 2013 to 2014, Fitzgerald played the role of Lola Laffer in Amazon’s Alpha House. Since then she has mainly starred in television series, with notable roles like Emma Duval in MTV’s Scream (now a VH1 series) and as Emma Miller in USA’s royal pains. Fitzgerald has a lead role in Netflix Heart Rope, an upcoming anthology series on Dolly Parton’s career.

Denis O’Hare as Lucius Reeve

Denis O'Hare in The Normal Heart

In the goldfinch, Denis O’Hare portrays an art collector, Lucius Reeve, one of Theo’s main threats. Like the aforementioned Paulson, O’Hare has delivered acclaimed performances in various episodes of FX. american horror story. On the big screen, he is an accomplished actor and he recently appeared on Netflix. Private life and that of Amazon Late at night. O’Hare shares starring with Anna Kendrick in 2019 black comedy The day will come.

The rest of the Chardonneret cast

Movie poster The Goldfinch 2019

Hailey Wist as Audrey Decker: As Theo’s mother and Larry’s wife, she is at the heart of the goldfinch‘s central tragedy, the incident incident that changes the lives of loved ones forever. Hailey Wist appeared in Netflix Card castle and CBS ‘ Under the dome. She portrays a librarian named Emily on AMC Lodge 49.

Boyd Gaines as Chance Barbour: He’s Samantha’s husband. Boyd Gaines starred as Coach Brackett in the 1981 comic classic Porky’s. He also portrayed Fred in the American version of Michael Haneke Funny games.

Peter Jacobson as Mr. Silver: A minor character named Mr. Silver is played by American actor Peter Jacobson. He is best known as Dr Chris Taub of Fox’s lodge. Jacobson stars as Rabbi Jacob Kessner in AMC Fear the living dead season 5.

Jack DiFalco and Luke Kleintank as Platt Barbour: Son of Samantha and Chance Barbour, this character intimidates Theo in his childhood. Young Platt Barbour is played by Jack DiFalco, who has previously appeared on Netflix The OA and daredevil. Luke Kleintank portrays the old version of Platt Barbour. He plays the role of Joe Blake in Amazon’s The man of the high castle.

Ryan Foust as Andy Barbour: Another son of Barbour, he is one of Theo’s childhood friends. Ryan Foust played Braden Bradshaw in a Netflix episode Tales of the city season 1.

Robert Joy as Welton “Welty” Blackwell: Hobie’s business partner is part of the museum tragedy and gives Theo an important gift. Robert Joy played the role of Sid Hammerback in CBS ‘ CSI: New York. He has also appeared in horror films such as Land of the dead and The hills Have Eyes.

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  • The Goldfinch (2019)Release Date: Sep 13, 2019

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