‘The Loud House’ Live-Action Movie Cast Announced – Meet The Stars!



The cast of the upcoming live-action movie A noisy Christmas at home has been announced!

Nickelodeon will air the next Holiday TV movie later this year and it’s based on the Emmy-winning animated series, The noisy house.

The animated The Loud House Movie released on Netflix on August 20 and has been in the Top 10 every day since then.

The next film follows Lincoln Loud as he prepares for the ultimate Christmas, until he finds out that most of his sisters have plans to be elsewhere for the big day. Determined to remind his family that they must all be together, Lincoln and his best friend Clyde McBride embark on a mission to preserve the family’s holiday traditions.

The TV feature will premiere in November on Nickelodeon.

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Lincoln strong

Wolfgang Schaeffer as Lincoln Loud

Jahzir Bruno in the movie The Loud House

Clyde McBride

Jahzir Bruno as Clyde McBride

Lexi Janicek in The Loud House movie

Lisa Fort

Lexi Janicek (Ordinary joe) as Lisa Loud, the genius of the family at four.

Ella Allan in The Loud House movie

lola strong

Ella Allan (Single parents) as Lola Loud, the family beauty pageant powerhouse who couldn’t be more different from her twin, Lana.

Mia Allen in The Loud House Movie

lana strong

Mia Allan (Single parents) as Lana Loud, the brutal counterpart of his twin, Lola.

Aubin Bradley in the movie The Loud House

Lucy Fort

Aubin Bradley (Modern love) as Lucy Loud, the all-scary and dark-loving sister.

Morgan McGill in the movie The Loud House

lynn strong

Morgan McGill (Lovecraft Country) like Lynn Loud, the family athlete who always focuses on the sport and the next competition.

Catherine Ashmore Bradley in The Loud House

Luan strong

Catherine Ashmore Bradley (“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”On Broadway) as Luan Loud, the family prankster with no shortage of silly puns.

Sophia Woodward in the movie The Loud House

Luna strong

Sophie Woodward (Deadly weapon) as Luna Loud, the family musician who dreams of becoming a rock star.

Dora Dolphin in The Loud House movie

leni strong

Dora Dolphin (american housewife) as Leni Loud, the sister of the fashionista with a heart of gold who spends most of her time designing outfits and accessorizing.

Lexi DiBenedetto in the movie The Loud House

lori strong

Lexi DiBenedetto (Knight squad) as Lori Loud, the oldest and most authoritative of the Loud siblings.

Charlotte Ann Tucker in The Loud House Movie

Strong lily

Charlotte Ann Tucker as Lily Loud, the baby in the family who is still learning her words, but still has something to say.

Brian Stepanek in the movie The Loud House

Lynn Loud Sr.

Brian Stepanek (Green book, The noisy house) as Lynn Loud Sr., the father of the Loud family.

Muretta Moss in the movie The Loud House

Rita strong

Muretta moss (The Gloria) as Rita Loud, the mother of the Loud family.

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