The Movie Show: Fifty Shades of Gray Special with George Byrne and Kirsty Blake Knox



What is likely to be the biggest movie of the year – Fifty Shades of Gray – is out today, and editor-in-chief Aoife Kelly is joined in the studio by Herald’s George Byrne and Kirsty Blake Knox for her reviews.

or the uninitiated, the plot revolves around Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a 21-year-old naive student of English literature, who falls in love with billionaire Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan), 27, only to discover that a relationship traditional love is not on the agenda. .

Gray enjoys BDSM (bondage / discipline, domination / submission, sadism / masochism) and wants to be the dominant of his submissive. The drama centers on whether or not she’s ready to sign a contract (literally) and if she does, how willing she is to submit to his wishes.

George is quite scathing with her review while Kirsty, who attended the premiere at the Savoy in Dublin where audiences, she says, often melted into laughter with unintentional humor, is a bit more indulgent. And George recommends an alternative film for Valentine’s Day weekend to anyone who doesn’t want to see Fifty Shades …

Check out the show above.

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