The Movie Show Movie Reviews: Avengers Age of Ultron, The Good Lie, The Fall, The Emperor’s New Clothes



The Independent film critic Paul Whitington and FilmFixx’s Ross O’Neill join entertainment editor Aoife Kelly to talk about this week’s big releases – Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Good Lie, The Falling and Emperor’s New Clothes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is set to beat every other box office release this week and beyond, but does it live up to the previous release of Marvel’s eclectic clan of superheroes?

The consensus is yes. He ticks all the required boxes, from character development and incredible special effects to humor, and director Joss Whedon manages to juggle all the elements with aplomb, even the addition of two new characters played by Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.

The characters who maybe didn’t have a good run last time around, namely Hawkeye and Black Widow, have their moment to shine here.

If there’s one problem, it’s with villainous Ultron, voiced by James Spader, who Paul says is all CGI and therefore lacks real gravity.

A film made for fanboys that will not disappoint those who stroll it either.

The Good Lie is a solid outing for Reese Witherspoon, who plays an employment officer tasked with integrating three Sudanese refugees into American working life years after surviving the Second Civil War in their country.

It’s heartwarming and often funny but sometimes maybe slightly condescending to Sudanese characters, according to Paul.

The Falling is perhaps the most promising deal this week. Directed by Carol Morley, who previously directed the disturbing but compelling documentary Dreams of a Lifetime, it stars Maisie Williams as a teenage girl attending boarding school in England in 1969.

Video of the day

Her sexually active friend (Florence Pugh) becomes pregnant, resulting in a blackout which becomes contagious and begins to affect girls in droves. An atmospheric drama worth seeing.

Russell Brand stars in Emperor’s New Clothes, the documentary directed by Michael Winterbottom on wealth inequality in the UK.

Brand is endlessly watchable and entertaining (as he tries to corner bankers in their bank lobbies). Fans of his YouTube series The Trews will be more than familiar with his take on the issues at hand, but the film really has nothing new to say.

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