The Movie Show Movie Reviews: The Gunman, Insurgent and Home



Irish independent film guru Paul Whitington joins Entertainment Editor Aoife Kelly to review this week’s big releases – The Gunman, Insurgent and Home.

It’s a distinctly average mix of titles coming out this week. The first is the action thriller The Gunman, directed by Taken director Pierre Morell and starring Sean Penn.

He plays a sniper in a mercenary assassination team that kills the Congo mine master. His successful shooting forces him to go into hiding, but he returns years later to work with an NGO but finds himself the target of a squad.

The film starts off as if it might have something to say about the political situation, but soon descends into an average thriller and is unlikely to kick off a Liam Neeson-style renaissance for Penn as an action star.

Insurgent, meanwhile, the second installment of the four-movie Divergent franchise is slightly better. Based on a pretty unlikely premise – the world’s population is split into factions based on the personalities of individuals – it transcends silliness thanks mainly to lead actress Shailene Woodley.

The depiction of a post-apocalyptic world is visually awe-inspiring and there is some impressive action sequences although the central romance lacks spark and the first half of the film progresses slowly and heavily before reaching cruising speed. in the last hour.

Home is DreamWorks’ latest offering, and it’s suitably cuddly and amiable home cooking with laughs for the very young as well as jokes for adults. Sitting somewhere below How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek, but above Shark Tale, that’s an average offer from the studio.

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