The Movie Show New Years Eve Special: The Theory of Everything, Birdman, The Woman in Black: The Angel of Death



Paul Whitington of The Independent and George Byrne of The Herald join Entertainment editor-in-chief Aoife Kelly to discuss this week’s biggest releases.

Scar buzz surrounds two of our New Year’s special movie releases with The Theory of Everything with a defining performance by Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking and Michael Keaton making a comeback in stellar Hollywood satire, Birdman.


A scene from ‘The Theory of Everything’

A scene from ‘The Theory of Everything’

“Eddie Redmayne has been nominated for a Golden Globe before and it really ticks all the boxes you can imagine for the Oscars, for awards season,” said George.

“It’s based on the life story of the genius that is Stephen Hawking, so you’ve got a real person, real disease, transformation, he’s acting on crippling neorone motor disease and it’s done right, very brilliant and Redmayne is fantastic in it. “


Jeremy Irvine in Woman in Black 2

Jeremy Irvine in Woman in Black 2

Jeremy Irvine in Woman in Black 2

He adds, “It’s handled with a lot of humor. It could have been the cutesy disease movie of the week, but it was helped by a brilliant performance from Redmayne.”

Paul Whitington adds: “One of the things he does very well, he takes his science lightly, which could have been a real problem for dummies like us, as has been said enough, but not too much. , it is never allowed to dominate what dominates, it is the personality of Hawking. “

Next is Birdman, a Hollywood satire starring Michael Keaton as the failed actor who was a big deal in action movies of the ’80s and’ 90s and is preparing for his return with a serious Broadway show.

“It looks a bit unstable, to put it mildly,” says Paul. “He keeps having these conversations with this Birdman character who was the superhero he played, this big feathered thing, who disparaged him all the time.

“It’s a very unusual movie if you call it mainstream, which I’m not sure it is. Director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, he follows him to this Broadway theater and the theater almost becomes a character in the room.

“The movie is all about his performance and his performance is amazing. He has a sense of humor. It’s not a hair but it will divide and it divided the audience at the screening I was at. . I really liked it but I would like to see it again. “

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Finally, there is one for horror fans with The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, the sequel to the very successful Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe. This movie lacks Radcliffe and, as George says, it tends to surprise rather than scare audiences.

“It’s okay,” said George. “As these things happen, it’s not a cliché American people running around. Because it’s a Hammer movie and set in Britain, it has a certain caveat. British to be congratulated, however, it’s nowhere near as scary as The Babdook, which is the scariest movie of the year and everyone released it on DVD.

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