“The Prom” Movie Cast – Find Out Who Each Character Is Playing!


The new musical from the film Prom is streaming right now on Netflix and it’s a happy, uplifting movie that’s perfect to watch with your family this holiday season!

A star cast brought the Broadway show to the screen and there are some amazing newcomers to the mix as well.

The story follows a group of Broadway stars in crisis who hatch a plan to resurrect their public image. After reading the story of an openly gay high school student in Indiana who was banned from attending prom, the cast travel to the small town to give the girl a night where she can truly celebrate who she is. is.

Prom premiered on Broadway in November 2018 and Ryan murphy quickly obtained the rights to make a film … and he surely didn’t wait long to make the film!

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Meet the cast below!


Meryl Streep plays Dee Dee Allen, a two-time Tony award-winning diva in need of vocational rehabilitation. Streep no introduction needed and she is a three-time Oscar winner who has shown her musical talents in the movies In the woods and Mom mia. She definitely gives her best vocal performance here!


James corden plays Barry Glickman, an actor who just received the worst reviews of his career for his performance as FDR. In real life, Corden is no stranger to musicals after appearing in the film versions of In the woods and Cats. He’s also a Tony-winning actor who has performed on Broadway and has hosted the Tony Awards before. While Barry is openly gay in the movie, James is straight in real life and married to Julia carey.


Nicole kidman plays Angie Dickinson, a Broadway backing vocalist who was awaiting her star moment after 20 years as a dancer in Chicago. Kidman is an Oscar-winning actress who has already shown her musical talents in films red Mill and New.


Andrew Rannell plays Trent Oliver, a Julliard-trained actor who works as a waiter between acting jobs. Rannells is a Tony nominated actor best known for his work in The Book of Mormon and Falsettos. On screen, he appeared in the recent film version of The boys of the group and in TV series Girls, The new normal, and Black monday.


Keegan-Michael Key plays Principal Hawkins, who supports Emma and a big Broadway fan who is struck by Dee Dee Allen’s presence at his school. You might know Key for his work on the Comedy Central series Key and Peel or the USA series Play house. He has also appeared in films like The Lion King, Toy story 4, and Keanu.


Jo ellen pellman made her professional acting debut with Prom! She stars as Emma Nolan, an openly gay high school student who just wants to go to prom with her girlfriend.


Ariana DeBose plays Alyssa Greene, Emma’s girlfriend who is not open to anyone else. She is a Tony-nominated actress who has appeared on shows such as Hamilton, Summer, and Reinette apple. You can see her on the big screen next year as Anita in the West Side Story movie remake.


Kerry Washington plays Mrs. Greene, the PTA chief who objects to Emma attending the ball with her girlfriend. She is best known for her Emmy nominated work on the ABC series Scandal and recently starred in the Hulu limited series Small fires everywhere. She has acted in films such as Django unchained, Ray, and The Last King of Scotland.


Kevin chamberlin plays publicist Sheldon. He made his Broadway debut and appeared in shows such as Seussic, The Addams Family, and Bad. He is well known for his work as Bertram Winkle in the Disney Channel series Jessie.


Tracey Ullman plays Barry’s mother, Vera Glickman. She is best known for her work on her comedy series The Tracey Ullman Show.


Mary Kay Place plays the role of Emma’s grandmother. She is best known for her Emmy-winning work on the 1970s sitcom Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. She recently won praise for her performance in the film Diane.


Nathaniel J. Potvin play the role of Kevin
Sofia deler play the role of Shelby
Nico Greetham play the role of Nick
Logan riley play the role of Shelby

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