These pics from Lala Kent’s new film show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star taking on a whole new era



Lala gave Lala silver screens, and she won’t stop giving them Lala anytime soon. The Vanderpump Rules The star landed another role in a feature film, and the photos from Lala Kent’s new set will almost MAKE you do a double take. Lala went into the 40’s, and as usual she looks amazing. No matter the decade, Lala brings it.

As Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett revealed on social media this week, the Bravolebrity has a role to play in Axis Sally, an upcoming drama based on a true story about a woman who broadcast Nazi propaganda to English-speaking audiences. Michael Polish is the director, Emmett is one of the producers of the film and the cast includes Meadow Williams, Swen Temmel and one Al Pacino.

“@lalakent proud of you and the role you’ve been crushing since the 40’s,” Emmett wrote on Instagram. “they are all going to be blown away !!” I know one thing for sure, I am blown away by Lala’s transformation. Hairstyle, makeup, outfit – si Lala Axis Sally appearance was one color on the color wheel, his everyday style would be exactly on the other side of the circle. And even, she looks amazing. Because of course she does.

Want more 40s Lala? Lala will give you more of Lala from the 40s.

How did Lala become “unrecognizable”? Hairdressers and makeup artists, baby.

Lala taking a quick selfie on an actual movie set between takes couldn’t feel more comfortable.

Here’s another Lala selfie for you, because you really can’t have too many Lala selfies.

Oh, the director posted a photo of Lala as well. And like Emmett, Pole said Lala “crushes” him.

And do you know who else was on set this week? Polish wife Kate Bosworth. The Blue crush the actor shared a few behind-the-scenes looks Axis Sally, including this photo of Lala giving them Lala.

If you happen to be the kind of Pump rules fan watching closely Pumpcurrent achievements of ers via social media, first of all, welcome to the club. (Please help yourself to some beer cheese and Tito’s vodka.) Plus, that probably means you know Axis Sally is not the drama of Lala’s first period. But uh, just in case you missed it, here’s the scoop: Last year, the SUR hostess teased her role in To jump, an upcoming film set in the 1970s.

You also probably know that Lala is the star of the 2018s Line, which is not a period drama, but a horror film about a serial killer who targets a group of college girls. Oh, and you probably also know that in October of last year, Sixth page reported that a sorority slasher sequel had been given the green light. Lala should be in the follow-up to Line, too much.

Lala’s been to Cannes, she’s in a movie with Al Pacino, she’s the star of a horror movie series, she knows Kate Bosworth, and is she in another movie that stars Bruce Willis? The PumpEu’s star is on the a-SUR-nt.

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