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Hold on to your cups of tea, lords and ladies, as we return to Downton! After years of series creator Julian Fellowes promising that a Downton abbey movie would arrive, he has finally proven that he can be trusted. As the Dowager Countess would say, you should never be defeatist, because the Downton abbey the film is officially taking place and the original cast will begin production on the film this summer. I’m really surprised at how quickly this happens, but these tweets on the Downton abbey The film shows that fans are just as excited to be back in the world of Downton in the 1900s.

In addition to the return of the entire cast (well, probably only actors whose characters were still alive in the series finale), Fellowes is writing the script and executive production for the film alongside Gareth Neame, Liz Trubridge and Nigel Marchant. Brian Percival, who led the Downton abbey pilot who hooked millions of viewers, will return to direct the film. So, yeah, the gang is really back together for this project, which Fellowes confirmed he was writing about in 2017. In a statement, Neame said:

When the TV series ended, our dream was to bring a movie to millions of global fans and now, having fielded many stars, we will soon go into production. Julian’s script charms, thrills and entertains and, in the hands of Brian Percival, we aim to deliver everything one could hope for as a Downton arrives on the big screen.

If the official statement makes it too good to be true, the news is certainly legitimate. After all, the Downton abbey The Twitter account posted a photo of a valet (Thomas Barrow still plotting in Downton’s kitchens?) With a “cordial” invitation to return to the famous Yorkshire home via the big screen.

Michelle Dockery, who captivated viewers as the sometimes frosty Lady Mary, also posted an Instagram photo of herself in costume during the original series. As she put it in her caption, “The Secret Is Out,” and although she’s literally just been nominated for an Emmy, Dockery seems motivated enough to go back to her TV roots.

The majority of Downton abbey cast members who are on Twitter have yet to share the exciting news online, but two of the show’s mainstays have already posted about the film. Joanne Froggatt, who spent six years with Anna Bates on several occasions facing horrific obstacles, tweeted a photo of herself with co-stars Dockery and Maggie Smith to confirm the news, while Hugh Bonneville, aka Lord Grantham himself, shared the invitation photo with a promise that the film is due in 2019.

While a release date for the film has yet to be confirmed, 2019 seems like a reasonable first hour if filming begins soon, as these reports suggest. Maybe we can look forward to a Christmas 2019 visit to Downton?

Fan tweets prove that viewers are thrilled with the news, and I certainly can’t complain about the multiples Downton abbey GIFs are dominating my Twitter feed right now.

Reuniting the cast and crew for a film was a talking point even before the series ended in the UK in 2015 after six successful seasons. In the Downton abbey series finale, the Crawley family and their minions rang in 1926, but not before they had handled their fair share of change. Beloved butler Carson retired, Mary had moved in with her second husband Henry, and Thomas left the Crawleys for a new job. The forever despised sister Edith even had her own happy ending when she finally reached the altar and married, while Anna and Bates reached the next level of Downton for the birth of their son.

With so many unresolved details in the finale, what could this movie cover? Will there be a major time jump? Is the Dowager Countess still so strong? How is the Abbey doing financially? Did Matthew fake his own death from the start? So many potential intrigues. It’s time to start hunting down actors’ social media for more clues as to what to expect in the Downton abbey movie!

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