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Caroline Bryant Donham

According PBS.org, Carolyn Bryant owned a grocery store with her husband, Roy Brant. On August 24, 1955, she stormed out of their store after an unconfirmed exchange with Till, his cousins, and some of their friends. Once Bryant’s husband discovered the allegations against the group of young boys, he recruited his half-brother JW Milam to kidnap and brutally murder Till. According to PBS.org, Carolyn testified under oath that the teenager said “unpleasant remarks” to her. Both men were acquitted. Carolyn and Roy have become local celebrities, with reporters celebrating their “beauty”. She’s even been called “Roy Bryant’s most attractive wife” and “Marilyn Monroe crossroads.”

According to an excerpt from the unpublished memoirs, I Am More Than a Wolf’s Whistle: The Carolyn Bryant Donham Storywhich was obtained by The Washington Post, Bryant claimed that the last time she saw Till alive, he was dragged into her kitchen by her husband, half-brother and other white men. She claimed she told her husband he had the wrong person. “No, it’s not him,” she said, according to the memoir. “’You have the wrong person, it’s NOT him.’ All I could think was, “Take him home, please take him home.” I was terrified for his safety.

In August 2022, a jury declined to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham, 88, with kidnapping and manslaughter. According to a statement obtained by NC, Leflore County, Mississippi District Attorney Dewayne Richardson said, “After hearing all aspects of the investigation and the evidence gathered regarding Donham’s involvement, the grand jury returned a ‘no bill.’ charges of kidnapping and manslaughter.” The statement continued, “The murder of Emmett Till remains an unforgettable tragedy in this country, and this nation’s thoughts and prayers continue to be with Emmett Till’s family.”

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