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Internet service providers in the UK today started blocking one of the world’s largest movie streaming portals. Following similar actions, the MPAA obtained a High Court order that requires all major ISPs to start blocking Movie2K, a massive site with millions of visitors every month. However, in a ridiculously quick demo of challenge, one of Pirate Bay’s biggest proxy operators has already rolled out a brand new site to beat censorship.

Over the past two years, the UK has become the easiest country in the world to block a website for copyright reasons.

Against a backdrop of initial pessimism, Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act has proven to be more than capable of enabling the entertainment industries’ filtering dreams after the provisions of blocking the digital economy law were deemed too controversial.

While more recent lockdowns have been triggered by the UK recording industry under the watchful eye of the BPI, it was the MPAA that pioneered site censorship in the UK. Their success against the Usenet indexing site Newzbin2 has become the model by which ISPs can be forced to block sites based on a judge’s order.

Last week we reported that the music industry is considering future action against a wide range of sites, but a more immediate situation is developing thanks to their film counterparts.

In the past two months, the MPAA has taken legal action with a copyright infringement lawsuit against two sites – Movie2K and another called Download4All (DL4All). The precise details are not clear, but it seems likely that they presented arguments similar to those made in previous cases.

Generally speaking, the studios will explain that these sites infringe their copyrights and cost them money and, since ISPs are now aware that they are making it easier for their users to infringe, they must now block sites for avoid being responsible themselves.

TorrentFreak can confirm that during the last week of April several of the UK’s major ISPs including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, and almost certainly O2, EE and Sky, received a copy of an order from the High Court forcing them to block the sites.

BT has already started blocking the site in the UK and Virgin Media informs us that they too will initiate a blockade today.

“Virgin Media has received a court order requiring it to deny access to Download4All and Movie2K in order to help protect against copyright infringement,” a spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

“As a responsible ISP, Virgin Media complies with court orders directed at the company, but firmly believes that changing consumer behavior to combat copyright infringement also requires compelling legal alternatives to empower consumers. access to quality content at the right price.

And in a final and somewhat surprising note, the operators of, one of Pirate Bay’s biggest proxy services, inform TorrentFreak that they have already deployed a proxy site to unblock Movie2K.

“We just deployed (in record time), we are still working to get the images to load properly, but everything should be fixed shortly. “

The moles in this game now appear to be hit before they even spawn.

UPDATE: The operator of, the world’s largest Pirate Bay proxy, has said it will also unblock Movie2K for UK users.

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