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Set sail for adventure, folks! The big screen adaptation from Sony Pictures Unexplored is just two weeks away from hitting theaters. Based on the best-selling video game franchise published by Naughty Dog, the film stars Spider Man superstar Tom Holland as intrepid treasure hunter/modern-day Indiana Jones Nathan Drake.

Mark Wahlberg, meanwhile, takes on the role of Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nathan’s cigar-biting, mustachioed mentor. With the help of Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali), the two heroes will try to find a legendary cache worth billions of dollars before the ruthless Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) can put his dirty fingers on it.

For more details on the film adaptation – including a look at its rocky journey to the big screen – head below…

When did he come out?

Unexplored ventures to cinemas everywhere on Friday, February 18. Unlike its major competitors, Sony Pictures continues to stay focused on exclusive theatrical debuts, even in the face of a deadly pandemic.

Of course, that could just be attributed to the fact that the company doesn’t have its own streaming service like Disney and Warner Bros. Even so, the studio was recently vindicated by the release of another Tom Holland vehicle, Spider-Man: No Coming Homewhich continues to increase its worldwide box office sales nearly two months after its December opening.

“I don’t think we’ll be in the business of day and date releases,” Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra said in December 2020. “I think the business model for super big budget movies requires the windows that are currently in progress. I think each film released will have individual negotiation with exhibitors, but listen, we think a 30-day window is probably best. This will allow us to advertise our marketing on both windows, theatrically and home entertainment. So we think that’s the way to go.”

how you can watch

Tickets for Unexplored the projections are now on sale at regular sellers like Fandango. The ticketing website made the announcement of the on-sale release last week via the premiere of a final trailer, which you can check out by clicking here.

In a special behind-the-scenes look at the film (see below for video), Holland asks Wahlberg to define the word “uncharted.” Wahlberg’s response: “Something brand new, never seen before, hasn’t been put on a card yet.” Holland responds, “And that’s what this movie is. The story, uncharted. The action, uncharted, the locations are uncharted.”

Director Ruben Fleischer made similar remarks while chatting with Empire for the February 2022 issue of the magazine. “We tried to draw inspiration from matches whenever we could,” he said. “But we also wanted to have original settings that aren’t part of the games at all…I’ve never seen anything like our third-act finale before and I think it’s going to blow people away.”

A perilous journey

A big-screen translation of Unexplored The video game series dates back to 2008. Over the years, the project has constantly stalled in its tracks thanks to a revolving door of filmmakers (David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Shawn Levy, Dan Trachtenberg and Travis Knight were all attached to one time or another) boarding then quick exit. In terms of writers, the studio approached Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, and David Guggenheim.

“Good, [it’s about] make the right choices. The tone, the introduction to this world,” Wahlberg explained in a recent interview with Collider asked about the film’s long pilgrimage to the big screen. “It’s 40 million games sold, it’s obviously loved by its fans and so, you gotta get it right. I think it’s so cinematic anyway that it’s a must for a movie. It’s just a matter of getting it right You gotta really nail it And I think the smartest thing to do was start where we did and watch Tom as Nate become his I think that from there, the opportunities are endless.

Despite Holland being cast in 2017 (Chris Pratt is believed to have died, according to The Hollywood Reporter), Unexplored continued to bleed administrators at an alarming rate. It seemed like the movie was destined to spend the rest of eternity in development hell until Sony finally locked in Ruben Fleischer, who had already produced critical and box office successes for the studio like zombieland and Venom.

Fleischer was hired in early 2020 and production is expected to start in March. Of course, the COVID-19 health crisis had other plans and the cameras didn’t start rolling until five months later. Principal photography wrapped two months later, but there was no rest for Holland who soon flew to Atlanta for the start of No coming homethe production.

The release date of Unexplored was pushed no less than four times before settling on February 18, 2022. Rafe Judkins (current showrunner on Amazon’s The wheel of time) and Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway (the duo who helped write the 2008 Iron Man) share credit for the final script. Judkins invented screen history with Jon Hanley Rosenberg and Mark D. Walker.

Fleischer, Holland, Marcum, Holloway, Robert J. Dohrmann, David Bernad, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, Neil Druckmann (co-president of Naughty Dog and key writer and designer on the Unexplored games), and Evan Wells (co-president of Naughty Dog) are the executive producers. Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner and Ari Arad produce.

“Part of the problem is that they try to recreate the games,” Fleischer explained to Empire when asked why the vast majority of video game movies fail to connect with audiences. “Because the players had such a visceral experience, I don’t think you can compete with that. I wanted to make sure it worked like a movie first.”

X marks the spot

UnexploredThe cinematic debut of features an origin story for characters players know so well. The adventure begins when Nathan is recruited by Sully to recover a treasure, which was lost by navigator Ferdinand Magellan centuries ago. What starts as a simple heist turns into a globe-trotting race to find the prize before Moncada. You see, the villain’s family has been searching for these riches for generations and he wholeheartedly believes that hiding is his birthright. He will kill anyone who gets in his way, but he won’t have blood on his hands. For this, he relies on his faithful executor, Braddock (Tati Gabrielle). As the trailers have already shown, viewers should expect larger-than-life sets – from airlifted pirate ships to a death-defying scene ripped straight from the third game.

“We’ve created a film that has a lot of heart, that respects games, but also gives fans and people who love games something new and something refreshing,” Holland said at a press conference. virtual CES last month (via THR). “It’s interesting in these big action films, I often find that the heart and soul of the film can be lost in the action. But what’s so good about our movie is that you have this very tangible relationship between Nate and Sully, which is really the heart of the movie. … It’s about a young orphan looking for his family and in turn finding a family in the most unorthodox way.”

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