Universal’s Renfield movie cast continues to improve as Ben Schwartz tunes in


New Orleans served as the setting for “Interview with the Vampire,” which we just highlighted in our ongoing column, The Daily Stream. This movie is currently available to stream on HBO Max, and sadly what made it so relevant this week isn’t just the “Interview with the Vampire” TV series that will be arriving on AMC and AMC + the year. next. It is also the death of Anne Rice, who wrote the original novel on which the two versions of “Interview with the Vampire” are based, not to mention the entire “Vampire Chronicles” book series.

Every year around Halloween, New Orleans hosts a veritable vampire masquerade called the Endless Night Vampire Ball. The event has spread to other cities, but New Orleans is the main gala event. The impresario who started him is a dental assistant turned fangsmith, which means he’s now making vampire teeth for people in addition to hosting the vampire ball. I could certainly see Cage’s Dracula inhabiting the same circles as eccentric figures like this.

The French Quarter is also home to vampire shops, and New Orleans has a thriving vampire role-playing subculture. Cage once owned a supposedly haunted house in the French Quarter, and he’s already starred in at least one New Orleans movie, namely Werner Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”. Putting “Renfield” in this town, in whole or in part, seems like a logical choice for a postmodern horror comedy.

“Renfield” is written by Ryan Ridley and directed by Chris McKay. The film goes into production in early 2022.

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