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The long-awaited trailer for Spencer is finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint. The Princess Diana biopic stars Kristen Stewart in the lead role and is directed by Pablo Larraín, who also notably did Jackie, the biopic of Jackie Kennedy with Natalie Portman.

Other footage from the film has been released exclusively and is not yet available to the general public. The trailer and extended clip first premiered at Neon’s CinemaCon, and the teaser is now available on Neon’s YouTube channel. It’s unclear when fans will be able to see the CinemaCon clip.

The teaser shows Kristen Stewart in several short clips as the late Princess Diana. We only hear him speak at the end of the teaser, but with two words, people already agree with his portrayal. Oscar buzz was officially generated for the film, and more specifically for Stewart’s performance.

The film is slated for release this fall. Pablo Larraín’s signature style, gorgeous and understated, is on display in a teaser that intersects photos of Stewart with the grandeur of his surroundings.

Of course, many wonder how much Diana’s life will be affected by the film. Spencer would take place over a three-day period, during which Diana contemplates the future of her marriage to her husband Charles, from whom she divorced. Both parties had affairs and were notoriously unhappy in their union.

Diane’s death

Diana died on August 31, 1997 after being fatally injured in a car crash in Paris. Her boyfriend and her driver also died as a result of the accident.

There was widespread speculation about the circumstances of these deaths, but eventually authorities concluded that a combination of reckless paparazzi and the driver’s drunkenness were the most likely to blame for the crash. Diana’s controversial relationship with the British Royal Family, as well as their public response to her death, has led to a series of conspiracies regarding their involvement.

The paparazzi who chased Diana’s car were divided in their response to the crash. Some rushed to try to help, while others took photos which were later confiscated by the police. Diana was rushed to hospital, where she died of her injuries.

The response to Diana’s death has been global and intense. She was easily the most beloved member of the royal family. She was young, beautiful, charming and showed a kindness and friendliness that warmed the public towards her. She was only thirty-six when she died and left behind her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.


The sudden and tragic nature of Diana’s death has led to all kinds of conspiracies. Some stated beliefs include that the driver was paid to crash the car and that toxicology reports of his blood alcohol level were falsified. This has since been debunked, as it has been proven repeatedly that he was not only intoxicated, but mixed alcohol with his antidepressants.

Many have accused members of the British royal family of working together to plot to have Diana killed due to a rumor that she was pregnant with the child of her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and that her status as an Egyptian Muslim was not not desirable for the Christian royal family. However, an autopsy determined that Diana was not pregnant when she died.

These conspiracy theories go on and point to all kinds of things. The only thing that has been concluded by authorities, medical experts and the media in general is that Diana’s death was an accident caused by gross negligence on the part of the paparazzi and her driver.

Have you seen the Spencer trailer yet? Do you put some importance in these conspiracy theories? What do you think about Kristen Stewart’s casting choice? Let us know!

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