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A Crop Wedding Trail follows the life of career-driven woman Sarah Bloom, who, after fleeing her small town life in Massachusetts, currently lives in New York City. She’s a wedding planner and has to take on her new venture, but the problem that gives rise to the intrigue is that the guy at the wedding, who is apparently the groom’s brother, is her ex-lover in town. So, now the story revolves around the girl as to how she can tackle the ongoing storyline while also handling the wedding preparations and everything will be successful.

Jill suzanne wagner

She was the main actress in the film and if we talk about her life and the success she has received so far, the list is going to be endless. She was a field host for the ABC game show known as Wipeout, which ran from 2008 to 2014. In 2004, she was ranked 90 in the 2021 Maxim Hot 100 Women. On top of that, she was also part of Spike TV series Blade.

After the release of the movie Marriage Harvest, she was seen in one of the Canadian films named Braven in 2018. She played a role in the movie Mystery 101 on the Hallmark movie channel in 2019.

Victor webster

He is a Canadian actor known for his roles in films like Bringing Down the House but he has his major contributions in series such as Mutant X and Sex and the City which aired in 2003. What if we talk about his life later we might be able to satisfy here as it wasn’t so much in the movies aside from Love Blossom and a few others, but of course the shows are still on its set. In 2019, he started starring in The Matchmaker Mysteries.

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Andrea Brooks

We have another Canadian actress on the list who is famous for her acting skills on The CW’s The Supergirl series. Although at the initial stage she was auditioned for the role of Maggie Sawyer, she herself admitted that she didn’t quite fit the role. During the year 2018 she was seen in the movie titled Jingle Around the clock and after this year 2020 she was given a role in The Circle which is quite a horror movie leaving behind the note that he received.

And if we’re talking about his latest project, then Fishing for Love Can’t Be Left Behind, which received an IMBD rating of 8.1, which was released this very year.

Casting a Crop Wedding Film: What's They Doing for a Living Right Now?
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Jeremy Guilbaut

He too is a Canadian actor who has appeared in The Guard as well as in Edgemont. He has been seen in the majority of projects, including Destination Wedding, released in 2017 itself. Along with this, he also appeared in The Last Bridesmaid, which was released in 2019.

The cast is full of many talented actors, each with their extraordinary skills, which can be seen in the film itself.

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