Where is the Champ des Rêves? What you need to know about the cinema site, the stadium


The “Field of Dreams” site near Dyersville cemented its place in Iowa sports history.

For years, the site of the “Field of Dreams” movie has been a tourist draw for baseball fans and people who love the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.

On Thursday, August 12, 2021, the attention of baseball fans across the country was on Dyersville when Major League Baseball hosted a game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox at a purpose-built stadium near the site of the movie.

The game, initially scheduled for 2020, ended dramatically with a White Sox home run..

Here are 15 things to know about the site of the movie “Field of Dreams”, the movie and the game played in Iowa.

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Where are Dyersville and Champ des Rêves?

Dyersville is located in eastern Delaware County and western Dubuque County in eastern Iowa. The site of the film “Field of Dreams” is located a few miles northeast of Dyersville. Scenes from the film were shot there, as well as in and around Dyersville and Dubuque and Galena, Illinois. The Dyersville site became a tourist attraction after the film’s release. Major League Baseball built an 8,000-seat stadium near the original film site to host the game.

Dyersville: 4,477 inhabitants

Dyersville’s population in 2020 increased by about 10 percent from 2010, according to U.S. Census figures. In 2020, 4,477 people lived in Dyersville, up from 4,058 in 2010. Although still predominantly white (92.5%), the number of minorities has increased since 2010, when Dyersville was 97.6% white.

“Field of Dreams” film puts Iowa in the spotlight

The film stars Costner as Ray Kinsella, a farmer from Iowa, who turns his cornfield into a baseball field after hearing a voice proclaim, “If you build it, it will come.”

The seeds of the film began in the mind of WP Kinsella while enrolled in the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in Iowa City. Filmmaker Phil Alden Robinson fell in love with the Kinsella story and spent several years trying to get the green light for a script. Eventually he got the nod and the Hollywood descended on eastern Iowa to 68 days in the summer of 1988. The film, which grossed around $ 64 million at the box office, was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture.

Since the film’s release, Dyersville has drawn baseball fans from around the world to the film’s site.

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Casting of “Field of Dreams”

In the film, Costner’s character travels to Boston to find author Terence Mann, played by Jones.

The film also stars Amy Madigan as Ray’s wife, Annie, and a young Gaby Hoffmann as their daughter, Karin. Ray Liotta plays “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, a member of the Chicago Black Sox in 1919. Dwier Brown plays John Kinsella, Ray’s father.

Dwier returned to Dyersville to restore the abandoned Tegeler Dairy building. He also teamed up with Hy-Vee, based in West Des Moines on a “Field of Dreams” cereal. A portion of the sale of each box of cereal will benefit a non-profit organization that helps children who suffer the loss of a parent, guardian or sibling.

Where to watch the film “The Field of Dreams”

“Field of Dreams” can be broadcast on the Peacock network. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu, among other sites.

How much does it cost to stay in the ‘Field of Dreams’ house?

Fans can spend the night at the iconic white farmhouse where Ray Kinsella lived. Rates start at $ 500 and vary depending on the night of the week, according to the Field of Dreams Movie Site. Groups of up to seven can stay at home. Guests receive a gift basket which includes a DVD of the movie and a bag of cheese popcorn, among other things. One package even includes exclusive access to the Field of Dreams field.

How the game Field of Dreams was born

In an interview with the Registry, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said he realized during a 2016 visit to the Field of Dreams website that playing a game there made sense.

MLB and Go The Distance, the owners and operators of the movie site, have worked together on the Iowa game for years. In 2019, MLB announced the Yankees and White Sox would play Dyersville in 2020. The Yankees were later replaced by the Saint-Louis Cardinals, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this game did not take place. However, in November 2020, MLB announced that the game will be played in 2021.

Tickets to the game were a hot commodity

Residents of Iowa were given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the game by participating in a lottery. The winners have been contacted by the MLB. A winner reached by the Registry declared she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to see the match in person and paid $ 771 in total for two tickets. Tickets on StubHub were more expensive and some were priced over $ 10,000 for a pair of seats before the match.

What does the MLB stadium look like?

The stadium that MLB built for the game is reminiscent of the old Comiskey Park, which was demolished in 1991.

A 12 foot wall was built in the center of the land like Comiskey, for example. The pens of the relievers of the two teams were also placed behind the central wall of the field. A barn wood dashboard has been installed in the right field. Even the dimensions of the stadium, at 335 feet along the left and right field lines and 400 feet down the center, are similar.

“It’s very reminiscent of the old Comiskey Park in this way,” Murray Cook of Brightview, who oversaw construction of the playground, told Register.

The enclosures were specially designed like those in the old park and are located behind the 12 foot high padded wall in the central field.

An Entrance to Hollywood by Kevin Costner and the Players

Just like the movie, the Yankees and White Sox players entered from a cornfield – in the case of the MLB game, via a removable 16 foot fence panel in the right field wall.

But the previous players were Costner.

“The dream is still alive,” Costner told the crowd. “There is probably only one question to answer: is this heaven? Yes it is. This field is for the players. Good luck today.”

Yankees and White Sox flashbacks add to the atmosphere

Adding to the vintage feel of the game were the uniforms that the players wore. Both teams donned specially designed flashbacks.

The Chicago uniforms were white with navy stripes and the vintage “SOX” monogram sewn to the left of the jersey. The White Sox cap was a matching white cap with navy stripes.

The Yankees uniform was gray with the “New York” wordmark sewn to the chest in navy blue. The team hat was also navy blue and featured a larger nested “NY” logo in white.

Replica swimsuits and other items from the “Field of Dreams” collection were on sale at MLB Shop Site.

Who threw the first pitch in the MLB Field of Dreams game?


It looked like “Field of Dreams” actor Kevin Costner would do the honors, as before the game he walked out of the cornfield with a baseball in his hand, heading for the diamond.

Costner would continue to speak to the crowds in Dyersville, but nothing more. Without a ceremonial first pitch, the match began a few minutes later.

Baseball paradise. Home run paradise.

It didn’t take long to see MLB’s first home run in Iowa history. At the end of the first inning, Chicago White Sox first baseman José Abreu the shot flew into deep left field and went through the wall.

In total, there have been eight home runs, with the latter two adding to the drama of the game.

Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge celebrates his second home run in the ninth inning of tonight's game against the Chicago White Sox near the Field of Dreams movie site outside of Dyersville on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

Field of Dreams game ended like a movie

At the top of the ninth, Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hit his second home run of the night, giving the Yankees an 8-7 lead. However, it was the last home run of the evening.

With an entry and exit at the end of the ninth, Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson connected on a pitch from Yankee arm Zack Britton, send the ball soaring past the right field wall. Anderson’s emphatic homerun gave the White Sox a 9-8 victory.

“You can’t script a movie better,” broadcaster John Smoltz said.

Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson hits a two-run home run late in the ninth inning to give the White Sox a 9-8 lead over the Yankees in their baseball game on the new MLB ground next to the Field of Dreams movie site on Thursday August 12, 2021 in Dyersville, IA.

Who will play in Field of Dreams 2022? Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds.

This is the current plan.

Shortly before the Yankees-White Sox game, commissioner Rob Manfred said MLB reportedly returns to Dyersville in 2022.

A few days after the 2021 game, news broke that the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds to play in 2022 game. The two teams will meet on August 11, 2022, at the field near Dyersville. A baseball source familiar with the situation confirmed the news to the Des Moines Register. NBC Chicago first reported the news of the teams playing.

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Information from the Registry archives contributed to the report.

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