Where The Crawdads Sing movie cast and release date.

When it came to adapting the book into a movie, an influential Hollywood actor immediately saw the potential.

Where the Crawdads sing is co-produced by Reese Witherspoon and her production company Hello Sunshine, alongside 3000 Pictures for Sony Pictures, and directed by Olivia Newman from a screenplay written by Lucy Alibar.

In an interview with vanity loungeReese Witherspoon said she connected deeply with the book because “it’s a love letter to growing up in the South, which for me really resonated because I grew up in New Orleans and Nashville.

“I read this novel probably in one, maybe two days. I just couldn’t put it down,” Reese said. “I fell in love with Kya as the main character, as a little girl growing up in this very rural area, being shunned by society and trying to find a fair way to save oneself, just to survive.

“And the way Delia Owens wrote this book with such authenticity, you could tell she really grew up in this place. She really enjoyed the nature around her.”

Screenwriter Lucy Alibar, the Oscar-nominated writer behind the famous The Beasts of the Wild South actually received a copy of Where the Crawdads sing by visiting the offices of Hello Sunshine, and as soon as she started reading it, she immediately found herself captivated by the characters and began imagining exactly how it might be adapted for the screen.

The Where the Crawdads sing The trailer was released in March this year and is beautifully set to Taylor Swift’s song carolinawritten especially for the film.

Looked to the Where the Crawdads Sing trailer. The post continues below.

An all-star cast has been assembled to bring the world of Where the Crawdads sing to life on the big screen.

film for Where the Crawdads sing was not always easy for the actors, who shot major sequences of the film in New Orleans and in the remote swamps of the North Shore. Their days included the regular battle against the elements like the torrential rain that flooded their sets, various native animals, thunderstorms and the brutal summer heat.

The result, however, is a visually stunning film that makes you feel like you’ve stepped straight into Kya’s world, bringing the book’s beloved pages to life.

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