Who is in the Netflix movie?

you think you know Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, but you have no idea! The Golden Globe-nominated actress is one of the best guilty pleasure shows on Netflix, and now she’s back on the streaming service in the all-new thriller Bargain.

From writer-director Charlie McDowell, Bargain is described as a hitchoch thriller that follows a wealthy married couple as they enter their vacation home only to find it is a robbery. The film is just 91 minutes long and features a simplistic approach to storytelling.

The new movie is coming alongside other new Netflix movies like black crab and The weekend away the latter proved to be a huge hit following its March 3 release date. Bargain seems to be the next Netflix thriller that’s drawing a whole lot of buzz and a huge opening weekend.

But who else is featured in the cast besides the Emily in Paris Star? If you’re wondering who to look for in the movie, or if you’re watching and can’t place a certain actor, here’s your guide to it. Bargain to throw.

Windfall Movie Cast

Because Bargain is a stripped down thriller, there isn’t a huge ensemble cast or even a long list of supporting characters. But the film has a very strong cast of familiar faces that you’ve probably seen on your screens before.

Take a closer look at the Bargain cast of the movie below:

  • Jason Segel as no one
  • Lily Collins as Wife
  • Jesse Plemons as CEO
  • Omar Levya as Gardener

Obviously, Lily Collins is one of the main cast members, and you’ve seen her in titles like Emily in Paris, Mirror Mirror, To the Bone, The Mortal Instruments, and much more. Collins collaborated with her husband, Charlie McDowell, on their first project together.

Jason Segel stars in the film as Nobody, otherwise known as a thief. Segel has starred in a number of hit movies and shows such as Freaks and Geeks, How I Met Your Mother, Forget Sarah Marshall, I Love You Man, The Muppets, and others.

Oscar nominee Jesse Plemons also stars in Bargain as Collins’ character’s husband. Plemons debuted Friday night lights and continued to perform in Fargo, I’m thinking of end of things, jungle cruise, and those of Netflix The power of the dog for which he got his Oscar nomination.

the Bargain The cast also features Omar Levya as a gardener, but his role isn’t as integral to the thriller’s plot as Collins, Segel, and Plemons.

Don’t miss Bargain, now available to watch only on Netflix.

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