Who is part of the cast of the movie “Teen Wolf”? Which original stars will return?



Loosely based on the 1985 original Teen wolf movie, MTV 2011 show Teen wolf introduces a generation to a world of werewolves, banshees, kitsunes, and various other magical creatures. The show ended in 2017 after six seasons, but fans have always expressed their wish that they want more seasons of the show with the original cast.

Which of the original actors are returning for the movie “Teen Wolf”?

Fortunately, Variety has the scoop on the synopsis for the Teen wolf the rebirth of the film, which will see some familiar characters face off against new enemies. The synopsis reads: “A terrifying evil has emerged in the town of Beacon Hills. Wolves howl again, calling for the return of the Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds, Kitsunes and all the other shapeshifters in the night.”

He continues: “But only a werewolf like Scott McCall, who is no longer a teenager but still an Alpha, can both muster new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight against what might be the enemy. the most powerful and deadly they’ve ever faced. ”Not that not everyone likes Scott McCall, but who will join him in the fight to save Beacon Hills? Let’s find out.

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Source: MTV

While no formal announcement has been made regarding the return of the cast, several cast members have made their involvement known on social media. Tyler Posey, who played Scott McCall, was the first to let everyone know he was coming back.

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So far, Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore), Cody Christian (Theo Raeken), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar), JR Bourne (Chris Argent), Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) and Ian Bohen ( Peter Hale) have all confirmed their participation in the renewal via social media. Fans were deeply concerned that Dylan O’Brien would reprise his role as the lovable Stiles Stilinski, but Linden Ashby has apparently confirmed Dylan’s participation on Twitter.

Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien as Scott and Stiles in

Source: MTV

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A fan asked Linden, “Do we have more Sheriff and Stiles scenes !?” To which he replied: “Yes.” Dylan was then seen on Twitter liking jokes about his participation in the Teen wolf woke up and seemed to confirm his participation in the same way. Even Orny Adams, who played recurring character Coach Finstock, confirmed his participation via Twitter.

The cast members who have yet to confirm whether they will reprise their roles are Arden Cho (who played Kira Yukimura), Daniel Sharman (who played Isaac Lahey), Shelley Hennig (who played Malia) and Tyler Hoechlin. (who played Derek Hale). Crystal Reed, who played the late character Allison Argent, has expressed her love for the film but has not said she is returning to the role.

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Members of the cast of

Source: MTV

Who do you want to see back Teen wolf? It has not yet been confirmed when they will start filming, but I hope fans will be kept in the loop.

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