Why Trick ‘R Treat 2 Won’t Include The Original Horror Movie Cast


As the sequel finally moves forward, writer/director Michael Dougherty reveals that Trick’r Treat 2 will not feature the cast of the original horror film. The 2007 anthology film weaves a variety of stories in a small town in Ohio, including a high school principal with a murder streak and a shy woman who may not be as victimized as she is. looks like it. Although mostly offline, Trick or treatsThe multiple stories shared a single tie in the form of Sam, a mysterious deceiver wearing orange pajamas and a burlap sack over his head.


With an ensemble cast including Dylan Baker, Brian Cox and Anna Paquin, Trick or treats earned largely favorable reviews upon its premiere, with critics praising its cohesive tone, chilling atmosphere, and subversive stories. As it initially only got a straight-to-DVD release, the film would become a cult favorite, leaving many audiences hoping for a proper following. After more than a decade of voicing his hopes for a sequel, Trick’r Treat 2 is finally in active development at Legendary Pictures with the return of Dougherty, though he may be the only one audiences know of from the first film.

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In a recent interview with nerdistMichael Dougherty has opened up about developing the highly anticipated Trick’r Treat 2. When asked how the sequel would tie into the first film, the writer/director confirmed that none of the actors from the original horror film would appear in the sequel, and that Sam’s origins would not be explored on any. support. Check out what Dougherty shared below:

No, because I feel like it’s a lot american horror storyhis approach and his style. I prefer to stay consistent. If I bring the cast members back, it would be in the same roles, not that it’s currently a shot in the play. For me, that would destabilize me. i like it in american horror story. I think it works for them, but it would also feel like we’re scamming them if we did that. If I learned anything from this experience, it was a matter of patience and perseverance.

I think Freddy works, but at the same time, we’ve never seen him [the origin], I suppose. I think Freddy’s origin is an exception because it only made him scarier. Finding out who he was, this serial killer who killed kids and ended up being beheaded by the courts, only added to his mystery and power. But I think one mistake they made was to keep explaining it. They kept adding more layers like, ‘Oh, he made a deal with those three dream demons too.’ It’s one thing to create a fun, mysterious origin for a character, but I feel like a lot of studios over the years have kind of thought about it too much. They just start adding too much to the point of overlapping all the layers.

As with the Halloween Things [in Halloween 5 and 6] where it’s like the cults, and the curse, and those tattoos. I was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’ With Sam, there are certainly aspects of his lore and his mythology that we could expand on, and hopefully in terms of how he comes back year after year, where he goes, and things like that, but I would never nothing a sort of flashback to ancient Ireland and shows a child being sacrificed and thrown at a pumpkin creature. It would only ruin his mystique.

Trick ‘r Treat 2 update holds great promise for fans of the horror genre

Dougherty’s confirmation that none of the originals Trick or treats The cast will return for the upcoming sequel which actually holds great promise for the horror movie sequel. If Ryan Murphy hadn’t made it a recurring trope throughout american horror storythe concept of bringing actors back for new roles might have worked for the long-awaited Trick’r Treat 2. Additionally, with storylines involving Anna Paquin’s Laurie and Quinn Lord’s Sam wide open, the door seemed open for various actors to return, although Dougherty’s update seems to ensure that this is no longer the case, at except perhaps for the latter, who could be played by a new actor.

Regardless of what one thinks of the original cast not returning for Trick’r Treat 2, Dougherty’s note that he’ll never offer proper confirmation for Sam should hold promise for fans of the horror genre. As he notes, the more a franchise mascot has its endlessly constructed backstory, namely Halloweenby Michael Myers, it ultimately derails the series they belong to in an overly convoluted lore that usually alienates their fanbases. With Dougherty assuring that Sam’s origin story will remain a mystery, one can only hope he’ll still make some sort of comeback for Trick’r Treat 2 every time he finally takes off.

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